“We have been so very fortunate to have our 2 daughters attend classes at Dance Partners in Albert Park since 2008. Over that time they have continued to grow in their chosen genres of Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary.

They have been, and continue to be challenged, nurtured, encouraged and inspired by Leticia and Kynan and their dance team. The dance Partners team are professional, talented and a dedicated group of teachers who have high energy and enthusiasm for their work.

The learning environment is always positive, disciplined and above all a happy and safe space for the girls.”

Tania Waring – South Melbourne

“I have had two children who have been lucky enough to attend classes with Dance Partners.  They have both developed a deep love of the discipline of dance and an understanding of the work and effort that they need to put in to succeed.  Dance Partners offers a wide range of opportunities in different types of dance and both my children have been inspired by the teachers they have been fortunate enough to have teach them during their time with Dance Partners.  Leticia and Kynan ensure that they are able to embrace opportunities outside of Dance Partners, such as seasonal dance intensives and performance opportunities that they will remember for the rest of their lives.  The skills that they are able to develop stand them in good stead not just in the world of dance but in the wider world too.  I am very grateful to all the staff of Dance Partners for the effort and dedication that they show the children.”

Kirsten Follows – South Melbourne