2024 Term Dates From To
Term 1 Monday 29th January Thursday, 28th March
Term 2 Monday, 15th April Saturday, 29th June
Term 3 Monday, 15th July Saturday, 21st September
Term 4 Monday, 7th October Saturday, 14th December
2024 Public Holidays From To
Labour Day Monday, 11th March
Easter Friday, 29th March Monday, 1st April
Anzac Day Thursday, 25th April
Kings Birthday Monday, 10th June
Melbourne Cup Weekend Monday, 4th November Tuesday, 5th November
2024 Holiday Programs From To
Autumn Workshop Wednesday, 10th April Friday. 12th April
Examination Preparation Week Monday, 8th July Friday, 12th July
2024 RAD Dates From To
Exam Entry Cut-off Date Mid to Late April
Examination Dates TBC TBC
2024 Production From To
Dress Rehearsal Wednesday 13th November   (day and evening)
Production Day Saturday 16th November (day and evening)
2024 Photo Day From To
Photo DayNovember